what to do after unprotected intercourse

What to Do After Unprotected Intercourse or Condom Failure

Attempt to not be alarmed if you happen to’ve had intercourse with out a condom or in case your condom has damaged.

Issues occur, and you are not the one one who has gone by means of both of those conditions.

What you need to take note, although, is that these sexual encounters include just a few dangers.

Nonetheless, there are particular issues you could take to mitigate these dangers and preserve your sexual well being.

Instantly after

Cease any sexual exercise and transfer away out of your associate if you happen to discover the condom has damaged.

When you’ve got had intercourse with out utilizing a condom, there are some things you could do instantly to assist.

Use the toilet

To start, go to the restroom to flush any remaining fluids from the vaginal, penis, or anus.

It will aid you really feel extra relaxed whereas additionally eradicating micro organism that may trigger urinary tract infections (UTIs).

To expel out any residual fluid, sit on the bathroom and press down along with your genital or anal muscular tissues. Peeing will also be helpful.

Peeing is not going to eradicate the potential of being pregnant if in case you have a vulva and have had penis-in-vagina intercourse. As a result of the sperm has already made its option to the egg, that is the case.

Don’t douche, however do wash up

It is a fallacy that after sexual exercise, the genital areas have to be completely cleansed.

Whereas cleansing and drying your genital areas can assist you’re feeling extra comfy, vaginal or anal douching can put you prone to an infection.

This is because of the truth that douching merchandise can irritate and inflame the pores and skin.

So, if you happen to want to wash, merely take a bathe or sprinkle the realm with lukewarm water.

Examine in with your self

Make sure that to examine in with your self to see how you are feeling.

It is pure to really feel a wide range of emotions following intercourse with out a condom, together with concern, anger, and despair.

Attempt to inform your pals or household about your difficulty to allow them to aid you.

Take into account reaching out to Deliberate Parenthood or the Nationwide Coalition for Sexual Well being for help if you happen to do not feel comfy speaking to anyone you understand.

Plan out your subsequent steps

It is a good suggestion to think about your subsequent steps as soon as you have gained some confidence.

When you require emergency contraception (EC), discover out the place your native drugstore is situated and when it’s open. Some sorts of EC can be found with out a prescription and could be bought over-the-counter.

Make an appointment with a health care provider or a sexual well being clinic if you happen to suppose you have been uncovered to a sexually transmitted an infection (STI) or HIV.

To develop a STI, you solely have to have oral or penetrative intercourse with somebody as soon as.

Look ahead to signs

Whereas some STIs are asymptomatic, others may trigger blisters, itching, foul-smelling discharge, or ache when urinating.

Hold a watch in your genitals, anus, and mouth space, and if you happen to detect something uncommon, get a STI take a look at.

Inside 3 days

Some varieties of EC should be taken inside 72 hours of getting intercourse with out the usage of a condom.

Taking HIV prevention remedy throughout the identical timeframe can also be essential.

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