Methods to Defend Your self After Unprotected Intercourse

Defend Your self After Unprotected Intercourse

Unprotected intercourse can occur, even when it is not often deliberate. Possibly you forgot to take your contraception tablet for a day or two, otherwise you had intercourse with out a condom or different barrier of safety. In the event you or a pal end up on this circumstance, step one is to contact your major care supplier, who will help you in figuring out the perfect plan of action to decrease your danger of turning into pregnant. At this time, we’ll deal with your most urgent considerations relating to your alternate options following unprotected intercourse.

What are my emergency contraceptive choices?

The Morning-After Capsule

This can be a widespread selection after unprotected intercourse as a result of it lowers the chance of being pregnant vastly. It’s a hormone-based drug that may trigger ovulation to be delayed (ovaries releasing eggs which can then be fertilized by a sperm). Most pharmacies present these over-the-counter; you will in all probability see Plan B, which is a well-liked model of morning-after drugs. There are additionally more practical tablets which may be extra suited to your wants, however these will virtually actually require a prescription.

Copper Intrauterine Machine (IUD)

The copper IUD is a long-acting, hormone-free type of contraception. It could last as long as 12 years when used as contraception, however it can be used as emergency contraception as a result of it prevents your eggs from being implanted within the uterus. Give us a name in case you’re serious about getting an IUD positioned.

How efficient are these emergency contraception choices?

The copper IUD is the simplest, with 99 p.c of customers experiencing no unintended pregnancies. Plan B is 75-89 p.c efficient if taken inside 72 hours of getting unprotected intercourse, though it’s much less profitable in girls who weigh 155 kilos or extra. The ‘ella’ morning-after tablet is 85 p.c efficient and doesn’t depend on your weight. It may be taken as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse.

How lengthy after unprotected intercourse ought to I exploit emergency contraception?

In a nutshell, the earlier the higher. The size of time relies upon fully on the approach you decide, though in most circumstances, emergency contraception is efficient if used inside three days following unprotected intercourse, whereas ‘ella’ is efficient for as much as 5 days. The IUD has the best grace interval, lasting as much as 7 days after a sexual encounter. Nevertheless, the earlier you begin utilizing your most well-liked contraceptive approach, the higher, so do not wait.

Will I have the ability to get pregnant later?

There was no proof that morning-after drugs or copper IUDs have a deleterious affect on future pregnancies in trials. You may take them as wanted, however they shouldn’t be used as an alternative choice to regular contraception, apart from the IUD.

Are there negative effects?

Morning-after tablet antagonistic results are corresponding to contraception tablet negative effects, they usually’re often nothing to be involved about. A number of the following antagonistic results are attainable:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Recognizing between durations
  • Heavier bleeding throughout your interval
  • Cramps
  • Breast tenderness
  • Lightheadedness

These negative effects sometimes go away after just a few days however in case you expertise them constantly after taking emergency contraceptive, communicate to your major care supplier.

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