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How To Create Skype Account

If you have not made a Skype account, you are losing out on a great opportunity. Skype is a telecommunications application software program that specializes in offering video chat and voice calls over the Internet and to traditional telephones between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches. We will demonstrate how to create a Skype account in a straightforward manner.

Do Skype’s software allows you to make video and audio conversations, exchange chat messages, and do much more on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other devices. Certainly, you can do that and much more. But how can you do those things if you do not know How To Create A Skype Account – Therefore, we will outline the steps necessary to create your own Skype account.

How To Setup A Skype Account

  1. Log in to Skype website at
  2. To the extreme right, click “Log in.” A menu drop-down will display. You’ll see “My account,” “Skype online,” and “New to Skype?” Sign Up”.
  3. Click on the Sign Up located behind the New to Skype.
  4. You can create a Skype account using either phone number or email. So, type in your Phone Number in the space provided.
  5. Or, you can sign up with your Email address by clicking on the “Use your email” instead, and click “Next”.
  6. A text field will open asking you to create a passwordEnter a strong password that you can always remember in the box provided. See how to create a strong password here.
  7. Click Next on the blue bar seen below the create password.
  8. Enter your First and Last Name respectively in the box provided.
  9. Select Next. Add your Country or Region in the supplied field. Click the Country/Region box and select your Country/Region. Skype will often use your browser’s location information to determine your Country/Region.
  10. Enter your Date of Birth in the text box provided in the Day, Month and Year order.
  11. Click Next and Enter the Code that Skype will send to your phone number or email address depending on the one you choose.
  12. Click Next / I agree; when you click on this next it means that you agree  to the terms and conditions. You are done with creating the account. But, wait…

Download Skype

  1. Once your Account has been created. Select download Skype.
  2. Select the file installation in your Device and follow the instructions that follows to install.
  3. After entering your Username (Skype Name) and Password and clicking the Sign in button, the Skype window will appear. After completing this step, you are prepared to use Skype. Simply share your Skype name with your friends, family, and anybody else you know who uses Skype.

If you found this to be useful, please spread the word. Additionally, any questions regarding Skype or other comparable platforms will be addressed. Simply utilize the comment box.

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