Delete My Gmail Account Now

How to Delete My Gmail Account Now

First of all, if you have been pondering How to Delete My Gmail Account Now, I’d like you to know that “When it comes to that ONLINE ACCOUNT you registered, you can always DELETE it whenever you want,” which is why I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently without anyone’s help again.

To Permanently Delete Your Google Gmail Account will take some time, but it is possible to delete your Google Gmail account and all of its messages (while retaining your Google and YouTube accounts, etc.).

However, with reflection, why do you want to erase your Gmail account? Do you know that Gmail is one of the greatest, if not the best, email service providers? I believe your reasons are best known by you, thus you are not required to explain why you wish to leave Gmail.

How to Delete My Gmail Account Now

To cancel a Gmail account and delete the associated Gmail address, Gmail will require multiple clicks as well as your password. Still, cancelling your Gmail account and erasing its contents is a rather simple process. Follow the instructions below to deactivate your Gmail account.

To Delete Your Gmail Account

To cancel a Gmail account and delete the associated Gmail address:

  1. Go to Google Account Settings.
  2. Select Delete your account or services under Account preferences.
  3. Click Delete Products. Note: You can also choose Delete Google Account and Data to remove your entire Google account (including your search history, Google Docs, AdWords, and AdSense as well as other Google services).
  4. Select the Gmail account you want to delete.
  5. Type the password to the account over Enter your password.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click the bin symbol (?) beside Gmail. Follow the Download Data link to download a complete copy of your Gmail messages using Google Takeout. You can alternatively copy your email to a different Gmail account, perhaps a new Gmail address.
  8. Enter a different email address than the one linked with the Gmail account you are canceling. In the dialog box titled “How you’ll sign in to Google,” enter an email address. Note: Gmail may have already included the secondary email address you provided when creating your account. The alternate email address you put here becomes your new login for your Google account. Also important: Ensure that you provide a valid email address. You must provide the email address to delete your Gmail account.
  9. Click Send Verification Email.
    1. Open the email with the subject “Security alert for your associated Google account” or “Gmail Deletion Confirmation” from Google ([email protected]).
    2. Follow the deletion link in the message.
    3. If prompted, log in to the Gmail account you are deleting.
    4. Under Confirm Gmail Deletion Select Yes, I want to delete permanently from my Google Account.
    1. Click Delete Gmail. Important: This action cannot be undone. After clicking this link, your Gmail account and messages will be deleted.
    2. Click Done.

NOTE: The communications will be permanently erased. They are no longer accessible via Gmail. That is to say, you no longer have access to that Email Account. I trust this was useful? You can leave a comment below if you have any problems canceling your Gmail account (Delete My Gmail Account Now).

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