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How to Change PayPal Name and Account Info

You can’t really go wrong with PayPal if you’re looking for a dependable online payment processor. They’re among the simplest methods for sending and receiving payments online.

Additionally, they provide a number of services designed for both private individuals and companies. In essence, anybody can use PayPal. It works just as well for sending money to your friends as it does for high-volume billing.

However, you need to project the correct image if you plan to conduct business on PayPal. Using your real name is required if you operate a business under your own name. The business account should also reflect your current business name if you are a company.

What should you do, therefore, if your PayPal name is incorrect? Here is a brief summary.

How to Change Your Personal Name

Let’s start by discussing what to do if you already have a personal account. You must go to the account settings page for PayPal in order to modify your personal name. You must use your web browser to do this. You cannot modify your name using the PayPal mobile app.

Click the “Update” button now that is located next to your name. You’ll then be presented with three fresh choices. Your legal name may be updated, changed, or only slightly altered.

If your legal name has genuinely changed, your only choice is to alter it. For instance, if you married and adopted your spouse’s last name, or if you legally changed your name.

This kind of change requires documentation from PayPal. Sending in a photo ID that has been granted by the government is the simplest method. Additionally, you’ll need the proper documents of the name change. A marriage license is a prime illustration. Documents in the.PDF,.JPG, and.PNG formats are accepted by PayPal. The name must be no more than 40 characters and the file size must be less than 5MB.

After receiving your supporting documents, PayPal will examine the alteration request. This typically takes 3-5 business days, though it occasionally takes longer.

The process of changing your name is a little different. Nicknames or other variations of your given name are used with it. For instance, if everyone calls you Frankie but your name is Francesca, you might prefer to use Frankie instead.

You will still want a government-issued ID for this. However, you’ll only require an official document that utilizes your moniker as opposed to legal proof of a name change. If you used your pseudonym for the account, you can use a credit card or bank statement for this.

Minor corrections may be made without submitting supporting evidence. There are, however, important restrictions. Only two characters may be changed at a time, and only once. This is merely being done to correct a small misspelling. Use this option if you prefer to be called “Frankie” rather than “Frnakie.”

What if My Business Name Has Changed?

A business account can be created in two different methods. The initial step is to start from scratch with a bank account and business email address. Upgrade a personal account is the alternate option. Freelancers and DBAs frequently encounter this.

Enter your PayPal account in a web browser to update your personal account. You won’t be able to utilize the mobile app once more. Click “Upgrade to a Business Account” after selecting the Settings button.

You’ll be asked to submit some basic company data and confirm your acceptance of their user agreement. After doing that, simply click “Upgrade Account” to finish.

The tough part is right here. If you are using a business name, it will appear on your end. Customers will however continue to see the name you used to create the account on the client side. Some people may not find this to be a significant concern. There is no issue if you go by Tim Jones and operate under that name.

However, suppose Tim Jones established Green Thumb Tim’s Gardening Service. How can Tim ensure that his company name appears on the invoices he sends to clients?

Go to your profile after signing into PayPal in a web browser. Look where it says “Business Information” after clicking “My Business Info.” To modify your company name, click the “Update” option and then take the necessary actions.

When prompted, change your name and select “Continue.” At this time, you can be asked to present legal papers.

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