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How to delete your Venmo account

You have attempted Venmo, but it is ineffective for you. Furthermore, you shouldn’t just leave Venmo inactive because it’s connected to your bank account. You must remove your Venmo account.

It’s simple to remove your Venmo account, but you can’t do it from a mobile device; you’ll need a desktop computer. Before you cancel your Venmo account, be sure there are no unpaid balances and that there are no outstanding transactions.

After successfully deleting your Venmo account, all of your transaction history, along with all of your personal and financial information, will be erased. Keep a copy of the most recent email that contains your whole transaction history if you want to save a copy of your Venmo transaction history.

If you wish to close your Venmo account for any reason, you must do the steps stated below.

How to delete your Venmo account

  • Log in to your Venmo account on a desktop computer browser. You cannot close an account on a mobile device or in the app.
  • Check for incomplete transactions. To make sure you have no incomplete transactions hanging around, click on “Incomplete” on the homepage and address anything there.
  •  Clear out your balance. From the homepage, click on “Transfer Money” and transfer any funds in your Venmo account to your bank account. Any funds remaining in your Venmo account at the time you close your account will not be available to you without contacting Venmo.
  •  Open Settings, and click on “Close My Venmo Account” at the bottom of the Settings page.
  •  Check your email for confirmation. Once your account is closed, you’ll receive one final transaction history email.
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