How to Delete Your BeNaughty Account Easily

BeNaughty is a well-known online dating site where you may meet individuals from all around the world. Thousands of real user profiles from many countries, in various age groups and categories, are available. On BeNaughty, finding singles is simple.

First, create a profile and add images. People can be found by their sex, age group, and location. BeNaught will display as many profiles as are relevant to your search. Filter results based on distance, color, photo, and other factors.

It is also possible to see who is currently online. Use the like button on their profiles to show your interest, or start chatting with them to connect directly.

Joining BeNaughty is completely free. However, similar to other dating sites, sending messages requires a premium subscription. To attract customers and make money, several websites employ such strategies. They will also send free members frequent emails with promotional offers and other information.

Deleting BeNaughty Account

Let us have a look at how to remove your BeNaughty account if you are a member.

Sign in to your BeNaughty account first. Click your profile image in the top-right area of your screen from the home feed. From the menu, select ‘My settings.’

Under My profile > My settings, you’ll find the same options.

Step 2: From the bottom-right corner, scroll down to find the ‘Remove account’ option.

The next steps will be displayed in a pop-up box. To confirm, enter your password. Next should be selected. It will now display all of your account’s active alerts. If you’re having trouble with frequent email notifications, you can disable them one by one or all at once in this step. After that, you can rejoin BeNaughty.

To unsubscribe from all forms of notifications, select ‘Take me off the mailing list.’ Choose the last option if you wish to erase the account and everything it contains, such as your personal information, profile, and contacts. Continue by pressing the enter key. In the next stage, BeNaughty will display you a list of possible reasons for your account being deleted.

Continue after you’ve chosen a reason.

To confirm the changes, select the ‘Yes, I wish to remove my account’ option.

That is all there is to it.

You will be instantly logged out of the dashboard. It confirms that your BeNaughty account has been removed successfully. If you try to log into your BeNaughty account again with the same credentials, you’ll see a message that says, “This email is not registered.” The account has been deactivated, and you will no longer get notifications.

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