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WooPlus Reviews

WooPlus bills itself as the most popular dating app for plus-size singles. It’s a hefty claim to make, given how popular plus-sized specialty dating apps have become in recent years.

Of course, we had to see if WooPlus is as good as they say. We created an account and immediately began exploring all this site had to offer.

We don’t want to give much away, but we can see why WooPlus has nearly half a million active users!

Simply read on to see all of the interesting features and important details we discovered about WooPlus, as well as their pricing and free trial choices.

WooPlus – The Bottom Line Up Front

WooPlus is one of the most cost-effective dating sites we’ve seen. Furthermore, the app’s modest cost does not imply that it is lacking in functionality. Paid users have access to a wealth of additional features and improved usability. WooPlus is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a curvaceous dating app that’s fun to use, has a lot of active members, and isn’t too expensive.

Who WooPlus Is Good For

  • Curvy singles looking for those who appreciate their bodies.
  • Anyone who wants an affordable dating app where you can find long-term and short-term romance.
  • Those who want to try out their dating site for free before trying out a paid membership.
  • Singles looking for a site with lots of modern features.

Who WooPlus Might Not Be Best For

  • Those who aren’t attracted to thick, curvy, or plus-size singles.
  • Singles looking for a site with unlimited access to matches.
  • Those looking for a site or app that focuses exclusively on serious romance.

The Quality of Singles at WooPlus

WooPlus is a popular dating app among the curvaceous community, and there are individuals in even the most remote locations. Many of these users turned out to be really high-quality. Their profiles are full of information, their images are stunning, and they appear to have fantastic personalities.

Of course, there are some kinks in the system, as well as users who don’t appear to care about logging in or maintaining their accounts. However, the overall quality of WooPlus singles has left us really satisfied. Not to mention, you can utilize some of the premium features to filter out any bad accounts so you only see the best!

How to Sign Up at WooPlus

You must first download the WooPlus app to your mobile device in order to sign up. It’s accessible on Google Play and the Apple App Store, and you can sign up right now by clicking the link below!

Before you can sign up for an account, you must provide the app access to your storage and agree to any other permissions, as with most mobile apps.

You have the option of signing up via email or Facebook (accessible by clicking “additional sign up choices”). We strongly advise you to use your email address.

The following are the fundamental steps to sign up:

  1. Choose a display name
  2. Select your gender
  3. Input your age
  4. Select if you’d like to meet men, women, or both
  5. Upload a photo or take a selfie in the moment
  6. Input your email and choose a password
  7. Turn on GPS access
  8. Describe yourself with the sliders and drop down menus
  9. Fill in profile prompts (or skip them with the option in the top right corner)
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