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Whenever you’ve set up your username and secret word, you have the choice to make a Spectrum email account or not. One thing about the email is that relatively few of the web supporters know about the way that the organization doesn’t make a Spectrum email address consequently for each client. Just clients who make a email record will actually want to get messages through Spectrum email.

We will walk you through on the best way to Create a Spectrum Email Account on the off chance that you as of now have a functioning Spectrum web bundle. Sanction Communications (presently marked as Spectrum) been one of the biggest phone and link suppliers in the U.S. offers free webmail administrations to its endorsers.

The accompanying guidelines permit a username that has NOT made an email address to make one. To make another email address, you should initially make a new username.

As a supporter of Spectrum Internet administrations, you can make up to seven free Spectrum email addresses. Your essential or authoritative, username and email address is utilized to deal with your record and has full admittance to all record highlights.

How to Create Spectrum Email Account for an Existing Username

Follow the steps below if you already have a username and want to create a Spectrum email account.

Enter your username and password to access at

How to Create a Spectrum Email Account

  1. Go to the Menu icon in the top left corner of the page and select Manage Account.
    Choose Services.
  2. Choose to Create a Spectrum Email Address. If you already have a Spectrum email address, you won’t see this option. To create a brand new Charter Spectrum email address, first, you must create a new username.
  3. When prompted, select Create Mailbox to confirm that you want to set up a Spectrum email account (username
  4. Enter your password and then select Finish.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation notice that your Spectrum mailbox has been created.
  6. Select Go to Mailbox to begin using your new Spectrum email account.

How to Create a Spectrum Email Address for a New Username

First, create a new Spectrum username and password by following the steps below. To create a new Spectrum username online using your account information, follow these steps:

  • Select the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page, then select Create a Username.
  • Select Account Info and enter your Account Number and Security Code, located on your bill.
  • Confirm that you’re not a robot and select Continue.
  • Verify Your Identity by receiving a code via text, email or a phone call.
  • Enter the verification code on the next screen.
  • Check Your Info: First name, last name, contact email address and phone number.
  • Choose Your Username: You can use your email address or phone number as your username, or create a new username.
  • Enter Your Password: Create a password (follow the guidelines to create a strong password) and select your security question and answer.
  • The first username you create will be your Primary and will have full privileges on

How to Create Charter Spectrum Additional Email Addresses

  • Sign in to as usual.
  • Next, select the My Account link at the top of the page.
  • Near the bottom of the page, you will see a list of all existing usernames already associated with your account.
  • Select Add User
  • Now provide the requested details for the new user and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Select Create Username
  • This will create your new standard username. Optionally you can upgrade a standard user to an administrative user.
  • Follow the instructions above with a new username (you can create up to four additional email accounts).

How to Unlock Spectrum Email Account

You should be aware that after six months of inactivity, Spectrum email accounts are locked and incoming messages are rejected. However, as long as your Spectrum Internet account is active, all of your old emails will be available on your account.

  • To unlock your email account
  • Sign into your account and
  • Select the Email icon located at the top right of the screen.

Use the comment section below if you have any further questions about how to Create a Spectrum Email Account with an Existing Username or how to Create a New Charter Spectrum Email Address for a New Username.

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