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Best Samoan Names With Meanings

Samoa is a beautiful place with beautiful people and some really great baby names.

The island nation is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. However, there are many lovely baby names to be found around the country.

Samoan surname names, ranging from Aaitui and Palepoi to Maivia and Savea, are just as cool as their baby names. Dwayne Johnson is a well-known Samoan. He is known as The Rock and is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. To honor his success, you could name your child Dwayne.

Many American Samoans traveled to the United States after the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, and many of them settled in Hawaii. As a result, many of the Samoan names on this list have Hawaiian roots. Therefore, if you want to know more about Polynesian names for your baby boy or baby girl you are in the right place! As we unearth the meanings behind the best Samoan names and the coolest Pacific islander names, we hope you find the perfect Samoan baby boy or baby girl name for you from the list below.

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Samoan Boys’ Names

Let’s get started by looking at some of the most popular Samoan male names and their meanings. Some Samoan boy names are also popular on other Polynesian islands, including Hawaii. Consider these Samoan baby names if you’re expecting a boy.

1. Akamu (Samoan origin), Akamu is the Samoan version of the English name Adam, which means “man”.

2. Akoni (Polynesian origin), Akoni is the shortened version of the name Anakoni, which is a Polynesian name from the English name Anthony, which means “priceless one”.

3. Anaru (Samoan origin), Anaru is the Samoan version of Andrew, and it means “masculine”.

4. Ekewaka (Samoan origin), Ekewaka means “wealth” or “fortune”.

5. Hemi (Samoan origin), Hemi is the Samoan version of James meaning “supplanter” or “heel”.

6. Heremoana (Samoan origin), Heremoana means “loved ocean” in the Samoan language.

7. Hohepa (Samoan origin), Hohepa is the Samoan version of the name Joseph, and it means “he will add”.

8. Iakopa (Samoan origin), Iakopa is the Samoan version of Jacob, and it means “holder of the heel”.

9. Ikaia (Samoan origin), Ikaia is the Samoan version of the name Isaiah and it means “to save”.

10. Iokua (Samoan origin), Iokua is the Samoan version of the name Joshua, and it means “to save”.

Samoan Baby Names For Girls

1. Anahera (Samoan origin), Anahera is a girl name and means “angel”.

2. Apikalia (Samoan origin), Apikalia is the Samoan version of the name Abigail and means “my father is joy”.

3. Aroha (Samoan origin), Aroha is a girl name and means “love”.

4. Ataahua (Samoan origin), Ataahua means “beautiful”.

5. Awhina (Samoan origin), Awhina means “support” and “help”.

6. Elikapeka (Samoan origin), Elikapeka is the Samoan version of the English name Elizabeth meaning “my God is an oath”.

7. Haukea (Hawaiian origin), Haukea means “white snow”.

8. Haunani (Hawaiian origin), Haunani means “beautiful snow”.

9. Heirani (Tahitian origin), Heirani means “crown sky”.

10. Heitiare (Tahitian origin), Heitiare means “crown flower”.

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