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According to the site’s About us page, ooVoo is one of the most popular video chat and messaging apps in the world, with more than 100 million registered users and almost 100,000 new users added daily.

After creating an account and logging in, you can immediately begin communicating with family and friends via instant messages, voice, and video chat for free.

To access your account, please follow these steps:

Logging into Your ooVoo Account

This section of the tutorial is for those attempting to access their account from a PC or Mac desktop or laptop.

  1. Double-click the ooVoo icon on your desktop or laptop computer to open the application.
  2. Enter your ooVoo ID or email address in the “Email/ooVoo ID” field.
  3. Type in your password in the “Password” box.
  4. Click “Log In”.

Clicking the blue “Connect Using Facebook” symbol at the top of the page will allow you to sign in with your Facebook account.

How to Access Your Mobile ooVoo Account

Use these credentials to access your account using the mobile app for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Windows Phone.

  1. Touch the ooVoo icon on your phone or tablet’s home screen to launch the app.
  2. Now touch the “Sign in” or “Log in” button, depending on what type of device you’re using, to open the access form.
  3. Enter your email or ooVoo ID in the first field.
  4. Type in your password in the second field.
  5. And tap “Login”.

You can sign in with Facebook just as you would on a desktop or laptop computer to connect to your Facebook account. Simply tap the “Login with Facebook” link in the lower-right corner, and then log in to your Facebook account using the same username and password you use on Facebook’s official website.

Download ooVoo App free

Always download the ooVoo app to your computer, mobile device, or tablet. If you download the ooVoo app and carry it with you everywhere you go, you can connect with your pals more easily.

To download the ooVoo app on your phone or computer, you can refer to our online tutorial on how to do so. ooVoo free download is also a better and more convenient option to sign up for ooVoo. After downloading ooVoo, ooVoo registration is typically a click away.

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