MP3Million Review

MP3Million Review

The scoop on MP3Million

MP3Million just redesigned their website with a new look, new albums, and a new pricing structure. It’s time for a new review, then! The new website is a lot easier to use than the old one, and it’s chock-full of music. The site is easy to navigate and offers directions for paying, registering, and downloading. These are all wonderful resources if you’re not clear how these sites work. Our verdict: It’s a terrific-looking site with fantastic offerings that is kept up-to-date and is dirt-cheap!

Why we like MP3Million

Tracks are only ten dollars each, and the new site design makes it much easier to use.

Signing Up

You only need to enter a few details to register with MP3Million, and then you can start filling up your account and purchasing inexpensive mp3s. After signing up, MP3Million gives consumers two free songs to try out their service. This is enough for two tracks to try out their service before investing your own money.

Payment Options and Offers

Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal at MP3Million. The least amount you can deposit into your account is $15.00. Every time you wish to top up your account, you must pay this amount. However, as with most mp3 download services, if you pay a little extra, you get something in return:

Top up $30 to receive $15 free, $50 to receive $50 free, or $100 to receive $125 free.

On our Offers area, you can find exclusive specials, updates, and any other site offers.


The pricing of a track on MP3Million is the same across the board, at $10. Album costs vary depending on the number of tracks they contain, as they do on all sites. Because MP3Million does not give an album discount, the price of an album with ten tracks will be ten times the track pricing. Simple and elegant.

Music Selection

MP3Million has a library of over 2,393,091 tracks, making it one of the largest on the internet. Songs can be previewed before purchasing, just like on any other website (the preview is low quality, the actual download is much better). This site is the finest for the preview service; it displays a small music player that allows you to play, pause, and listen to a portion of the tune. This is fantastic, and we have no idea why no one else has implemented it yet!

Search Facility

This site’s search function is comparable to those of the other sites we’ve analyzed. It discovers what you’re looking for without displaying a huge list like other sites. It also doesn’t skip over results because there’s a brilliant ‘see all’ option beneath the search results. This is a great, basic addition that makes it easier to navigate the site.

File formats & Bitrates

MP3Million solely sells mp3s that are all DRM-free. This means they may be played on any device that can play mp3s, and there are no limits on the amount of copies you can retain. MP3Million tracks range in quality from 184 to 320kbps, which is excellent, so you don’t have to be concerned about the quality of the mp3s you download. DRM-Free Music and Quality have detailed descriptions.

Will it work with my iPod/iTunes?

Yes, it certainly will. All of the songs you download from MP3Million will play on your iPod, iTunes Library, iPhones, Laptops, MP3 Players, Car Stereos, Media Centers, and anything else that can play mp3s. All of the downloads are compatible with Windows Media Player, Winamp, and other popular media players. Click here to learn how to add your downloads to your iTunes Library: iTunes Guide.

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