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Mamba Review 2022

In a technologically advanced society where the majority of people operate through mobile applications, the concept of traditional dating has long since disappeared. People are now more interested in video call sessions than in mailing love letters. These international dating applications provide individuals with a glimmer of hope for meeting new people, not only locally but also globally. Mamba is one among them; it has gained popularity in over a thousand cities globally. People can meet men and women from the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Australia, Boston, Orlando, Canada, etc. on this social networking site. This online dating service is a mixture of 25,000 separate dating sections with enormous websites and publishing sites.

Mamba attracts users with its cutting-edge website, which features numerous profiles, photos, and videos. This website is ideal for people seeking a long-term relationship, companionship, or a casual encounter. This dating platform offers free registration. As a basic member, you may rapidly create an account, upload images, send instant messages to other users, keep an interactive journal, and rate photos. However, paying members get access to features not available to free users.

Since its inception in 2002, Mamba has been offered exclusively in Russia. Two years later, the site had a staggering one million members, and in 2005, there were between four and five million users. The service was then extended to countries such as Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, the United States, Germany, etc. Mamba’s traffic had decreased since 2011, when it restructured its original website, because it had successfully eliminated all spam accounts by implementing a verification procedure.

Currently, has more than 23 million users globally, with the majority of users hailing from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia in Eastern Europe. Mamba marked a new beginning in July 2012 when it changed its name to Wamba to appeal to a broader user base with a distinct brand. After rebranding, both Mamba and Wamba began functioning in Russia as partners under the Wamba System’s dating correspondence. Prior to this, Mamba was known as Mamboo, an autonomous multinational project.

Mamba at a glance:

  • Ease of connecting with like-minded individuals
  • On a global average has 40,000,000 registered members
  • Users can swipe profiles base the vicinity of the location
  • Members can use advanced search filters while browsing through profiles
  • Credibility to watch live stream videos of members
  • Endless active members to interact and share stories
  • Offers low-priced premium subscriptions to the VIP account holders
  • Standard members have a lot on their plate to browse through on Mamba, at free of cost
  • Increases the dating potentiality of the members as it is available in 17 different languages
  • Users can choose to remain anonymous and hide their identity on Mamba

How does Mamba work?

Mamba has happily established a dating site that operates as a social media platform by combining the basic elements of online dating platforms and social networking sites. Through its user-friendly navigation tabs, visitors can peruse millions of online profiles. Members of Mamba can search for profiles depending on their choices, including gender, age, location, looks, ethnicity, and more. Simple profiles with sufficient information to pique the curiosity of members.

Mamba is a fantastic dating service for individuals seeking marriage or long-term relationships. However, there are also tools for individuals seeking casual dates and hookups. For these categories, highlights the member’s profile image with a pink border, making it easy to recognize them. Using the community aspects of this dating platform, users may also build a private network of friends and engage with those with similar interests.

The website has a complex appearance yet simple functions to enhance the user experience. The application’s mobile version is much more small, making it user-friendly. After joining on Mamba, users are able to search for members using a search bar that includes various filtering features. The filters are positioned based on the user’s preferences, such as age, relationship status, location, and educational attainment, among others. On this dating network, individuals frequently find someone in their vicinity.

Additionally, the website offers a live streaming option that allows users to broadcast themselves and connect with one another. Additionally, they can view and comment on the live videos of others. However, offensive comments and nakedness are strictly prohibited.

Alongside the live stream and search box, the main page’s navigation bar includes a Personals option. Members can submit messages and allow others to comment using this feature. The Personals responses are delivered to the user’s registered email address. On a user’s profile, Personals are also listed.

The live stream is one of Mamba’s most prominent features; it also helps members verify a user’s identity. In the enormous ocean of online profiles, consumers have the option to swipe right if they like a profile and left if they do not. In addition, being a multilingual dating platform, Mamba expands a user’s opportunities to date international users or meet new friends in their local neighborhood.

Is registration truly simple?

Mamba is the best platform for online daters seeking love across the seven seas, for everything from hookups to long-term partnerships. The website has a straightforward, cost-free five-minute signup process. Registering using social media services like Yandex, Facebook, Google, etc. is the simplest and quickest way to connect to Mamba. Moreover, since 2011, Mamba has restricted its website in order to exclude scammers. Therefore, new members must undergo verification. It can be accomplished by authenticating Facebook, Telegram, email address, or phone number. Your Mamba account offers a new world of fun and entertainment at the blink of an eye, however some services are limited to paying subscribers.

What about usability and design?

Mamba has earned a reputation in the online dating sector for nearly two decades and currently boasts a vast number of active users worldwide. The website has preserved its original features while adding a few new ones to enhance the user experience. The website is simple and facilitates the connection of millions of people.

Safety & security

Mamba has updated its security systems throughout time to improve the customer experience on this dating platform. It takes all precautions to validate the user’s profile, beginning with a registration-time verification procedure. The site prioritizes the privacy and security of the user’s information. On Mamba, nudity and obscene comments are strictly prohibited.

Pricing and advantages

Registration on Mamba is free of charge, however paying users have access to unique features. Standard members can enjoy the following benefits in addition to its free services:

  • They can ask questions and interact with other members
  • Update their profile information anytime
  • Select their interest and add them to their list of favorites
  • Users are allowed to send winks/flirts to other members
  • Use features like application and personals

As for the paid members, the exclusive features include:

  • Check the voting results and see who liked their profile
  • Liberty of hiding age, time of visit, and status
  • Can access advanced search options while filtering profiles
  • Paid members can use stickers during a chat session
  • They can interact and send a message to a person they like
  • Can view the members who added them to their list of favorites

The subscription service is available for 7, 30, and 90 days, with prices beginning at $14.99 per week. Once the transaction is validated, the account’s subscription is automatically activated. Users will be charged for the subscription one day prior to the end of the current billing cycle. Users can manage all paid memberships by checking their account settings. Mamba has an auto-renew function until the subscription is canceled. PayPal and credit cards are accepted for payment. There is no option for subscription refunds.

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