How to use VK without account

How to use VK without account?

VK has long gone beyond being a tool for communicating with a small group of people; it is now one of the top 15 most popular services on the planet, with over 500 million registered members!

Nonetheless, people may require assistance from others, such as a buddy or a community.

The issue is that there are no specific buttons that allow you to access the resource without a login and password. This means that there is no efficient way to find a specific user. Everything is a little different: all you need to know is where to press when you enter (phone or computer).

Use VK without account to search for people and communities

You must follow a simple but precise set of actions to locate a certain user:

  • Go to the home page. There is a link “Forgot your password?” under the data entering window (login, password) that you must click.
  • As illustrated below, click on another active link. If you forget or don’t have access to a phone or email, the site offers to follow you (it is irrelevant for us because we want to browse VK without account).
  • In the window that opens, you need to press another link at the bottom of the form.
  • As a result, the service will open a website where you can search for persons who have registered. You only need to type in the user’s name; the rest is finding your friend among the accessible profiles.

If you can’t access your page but need to use all of its features right once, the best alternative is to register a new account with a virtual phone number.

For example, the Sms-man service charges only 9 cents for a virtual number that can be used to register on VK. Moreover, the process of building a new page takes only a few minutes.

View VK without login: available and unavailable functions

Only looking at open profiles will be useful. The service allows you to view all of the information that the user has left on the website, including photographs, text content, and a list of groups.

You can also watch videos that you have found or that have been recommended to you (only if there are no restrictions). Advertising on the service, data for application developers, and rules will all be available. You can also use your phone or computer to listen to music.

However, there is some terrible news. Some profiles will be unavailable to view if you do not have an account (in particular, those whose owners have set access to viewing exclusively to VK users). You must first join the service in order to greet an old buddy.

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