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There are hundreds of dating apps out there, serving every kind of person you can imagine. Facebook thinks you shouldn’t need a different app for dating, and should instead use the app you already use every day. With millions of people using Facebook all over the world daily, it seems likely you’d be able to connect with someone nearby in a hurry.

The question is, can you trust that person? Are you going to be safe with someone you’ve met through Facebook Dating? Of course not — any monster can have a Facebook account. However, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe.

The Dark Side of Dating Apps

As a moderator of a Facebook dating group with over 5,000 single women, I see the darker side of these dating apps. The women in the group are often frustrated by receiving dick pics from guys they aren’t interested in, and being “ghosted” by men who they were interested in.

This dating behavior also gave rise to the term “fuckboy”, a guy who just wanted to “hook up”, and nothing else.

The anonymity factor also enables “catfishing”, in which a person on a dating app appears to be someone that they are not. Remember the internet cartoon, “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog”?

On dating apps, many married men are posing as if they are single. And there are also scammers taking advantage of lonely women online, telling sob stories in order to bilk them out of thousands of dollars, and then disappear.

So the immediate upside of a Facebook dating app, in my opinion, is that the anonymity factor is gone. When you understand that the person on the other side of the smartphone is an actual living and breathing human being – and one with whom you have mutual friends in common – there is accountability. Not to mention that manners and courtesy can make a comeback to the dating world.

The new mobile dating app for Facebook is just like other popular dating apps. Unfortunately, there might be an example where you need to unmatch anyone with whom you have connected. There are some steps in Facebook Dating to unmatch anyone.

  1. Tap the shield icon in the chat corner, and
  2. Pick “delete conversation” to unmatch someone on Facebook Dating.
  3. This will delete the user from your chat queue entirely.

Unmatch On Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a modern dating style that challenges other apps such as Bumble and Hinge. In order to help other users find love, Facebook leverages its strong social network.

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Facebook matches you with other users who are not friends of yours, so you have a new outlook on new people in this way. You’ll also be able to see which mutual friends you have with each user that is introduced to you. Unfortunately, you can find a match that’s not compatible with you even if you may have mutual mates. These could be for a variety of reasons.

These are the steps you would need to take if you no longer want to be paired with the person you have connected with.

  1. Click on the person’s profile first to open the conversation.
  2. There’s a shield button in the top right corner.
  3. If the shield icon is pressed, a menu for protection and help will appear.
  4. The Protection and Support menu will allow you to detach and unmatch the user with a few different options.

Safety And Support

Facebook has developed a safety and help icon that can be found in any chat window’s upper right corner. The safety and support role is critical because it enables action to be taken by customers who feel uncomfortable.

The three choices available for unmatching a user in this instance are to erase the conversation, block the user, or report the conversation to Facebook Dating.

There are some steps we suggest you take to properly uninstall a user on Facebook Dating in order to securely unmatch someone. We’ll show you how to delete a user from your match queue and how to correctly unmatch users.

Delete The Conversation

Deleting the chat is the first way to delete the user entirely. The Erased conversation button is highlighted in red, as you will see.

This eliminates the conversation entirely and unmatches you from the other user. It’s important to remember that there’s no way to get it back once you uninstall this person and delete the conversation.

Users will be disconnected officially, and you will no longer be able to speak with this person. We suggest that you be 100% confident that you are prepared to disconnect and leave this person forever. Remember, if you have this person’s mutual friends, make sure you don’t ghost them, and let them know why you’re disconnected.

Block The Person

If you don’t want to delete the conversation, another way to erase it from your profile is to simply block the other user. If they are inappropriate or they make your online dating life frustrating, we suggest blocking them. This could be by frequent texts and messages that are harassing.

If they are inappropriate or they make your online dating life frustrating, we suggest blocking them. This could be by frequent texts and messages that are harassing.

We suggest blocking the individual to stop getting messages from them if you start feeling frustrated. Make sure you’re absolutely sure you’re blocking the person you’re connected with because if you block them randomly, it can leave them in a confused state.

Report The Conversation

We recommend using the Report the conversation button if the conversation goes south, and you feel dissatisfied with how the guy or girl expresses themselves on Facebook Dating.

The conversation button will allow you to pick options or enter your own details about why you are reporting the conversation using the Report.

Facebook will be informed of the chat, which will then be checked, and future action will take place. Instead of waiting for the procedure, we suggest that you block or uninstall the user’s conversation for instant disconnection.

Final Thought

Click the shield icon in the top right corner to fit a person on Facebook Dating. Click the delete conversation button from here, which will delete the conversation from your chat queue.

Alternatively, users can block the person, as well as report the conversation to Facebook to review it. The best way to avoid talking to others without any confrontation is to disconnect from the person.

If you possess 1 or 2 mutual friends until you disconnect, be sure to make a note of what that person said to you before unmatching them. If there are some uncomfortable interactions with those mutual friends you might have, this would be useful.

A perfect way to pair people is Facebook Dating, and sadly, unmatching others is part of the dating game.

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