How to Set Facebook language Back to English

Change Language Back To English On Facebook

It’s not easy switching your Facebook to English if the default language is one you’re not familiar with.

The number of languages spoken on Facebook is far over a hundred. Therefore, Facebook probably works in your native tongue.

However, I feel it’s important to let you know that changing the language on Facebook is a simple process; however, some individuals have been having a lot of trouble before they are able to accomplish this because they don’t know the simplest steps they need follow.

Because of this, I will need to thoroughly outline the procedures you can follow to switch your Facebook to English in this article.

How to Easily Set Your Facebook Language to English

Simply comply with the instructions below to change your Facebook language to English.

Chrome users may be able to read it quite fine if given the choice to translate it. If not, then you should:

1. Go to the Facebook login page.

2. The language selection menu will appear after you click “Edit” in the first line of the language selection page. Alternately, Click the Preferences/Settings

3. Pick the language icon ( blue ball)

4. To see the available language options, go to step 4, click “Edit” on the first line, and then scroll down to the “Languages” section.

5. Select your desired Facebook language from the drop-down box.

6. Select the desired language by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

How to Easily Set Your Facebook Language to English via iPhone or Android

  1. Open the Facebook app and ensure successfully sign in.
  2. Tap on the bottom right corner to access the menu icon.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings & Privacy. A submenu will open and you will select ‘app language’.
  4. You can now manually change your language to English.

How to Undo a Language Change on Facebook

Is Facebook now in a language you don’t understand? If you can’t quite make your way around Facebook’s menus and settings, don’t worry; you can always switch it back to your native tongue.

An option is to use a translation tool to load Facebook; this will automatically change the language of the entire site to English, making it more accessible to non-English speakers. However, this is not a foolproof fix and it is not always effective.

As long as you know where the appropriate buttons and options are, you can navigate Facebook in any language. Here’s the deal:

  • Navigate to the language options.
  • In Facebook’s settings, you can choose your language and region.
  • Select Edit in the Facebook language section (it will be in the current language that you set).
  • Next to Facebook language, there’s an Edit command.
  • Find your language by selecting Display Facebook in this language from the drop-down option. Then, to save the modification, select Save Changes.

How to Customize Facebook’s Translation Options

Facebook will occasionally translate some posts into your language automatically. In profiles set to the English language, all posts will be translated into that language. You can change the language here and also prevent Facebook from automatically translating posts.

To modify your preferred language and location on Facebook, please visit the “Settings” section of your account. To change the language Facebook uses to translate posts from friends and pages, click the first “Edit” option in that section.

To prevent Facebook from translating pages and posts written in a specific language, use the second “Edit” option. After you’ve added the languages you don’t want translations to be possible from, click the “Save Changes” button.

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