how to delete notifications on facebook

Facebook is a popular platform for commemorating significant life events. Whether it’s a new job, a new baby, or a new home, it’s typically the place to let your friends and family know what’s happening in your life.

Due to the fact that everyone you know also comments on your posts, those who choose to leave a reply are unfortunately opting to receive daily alerts. In actuality, it works as a disincentive to comments.

There are nonetheless ways to leave a remark without succumbing to the bombardment of notifications. By navigating to the Notifications page in your account’s settings, you might, for instance, choose when you wish to get alerts and when you do not.

You can erase a single notification from your Notifications tab if you no longer wish to see it. Follow these steps on a desktop computer or mobile device to log out of your Facebook account:

How to delete notifications on Facebook on desktop

Except for automated alerts such as login alerts, nearly all notifications can be deleted. For the remaining tasks, here is how to complete them:

1. Go to your Facebook profile.

2. Choose the alerts icon in the upper right corner

3. Locate the notification you wish to delete and hit the three dots in the notification’s upper right corner.

4. Choose the “Remove this notification” option.

Depending on the type of notification, additional options may be displayed. You may have the option, while using public groups, to just get notifications from your friends.

How to delete notifications on Facebook on mobile

The method is largely identical to the PC version, with only a few minor differences:

1. Launch the Facebook app.

2. Go to your notifications, which may be found on the right side of the top toolbar (it looks like a bell).

3. Tap the three dots next to the notice you wish to delete.

4. Choose “Remove this alert.”

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