How to Create Skype account

Create a Skype account: in mobile phone, with Gmail

Skype is a practical tool for making calls to friends and coworkers, setting up video conferences, chatting, and exchanging data. You need to have Skype installed on your device and be signed in to utilize it. We’ll walk you through setting up a Skype account, downloading and installing the software, adjusting your options, and maximizing the program in this tutorial.

How to download and install Skype?

To begin using Skype, you must first download and install it. You can get it for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad here.

After downloading Skype, start the installation process by double-clicking on the software folder. When it is finished, you can launch the app.

How to create a Skype account?

You will need to create an account if you have never used Skype before. Open the app and select You have no account? Make one!

Then proceed as follows: enter your phone number, create a password, write your name and surname, and choose your birth date.

Following that, you will be sent a confirmation code to your phone number: Enter it in the appropriate field and click Next.

Congratulations! You now have a Skype account. You must now upload your profile picture as well as test your microphone and camera. If you prefer, you can skip these steps and complete them later. Follow the same steps if you’re registering with a mobile phone or tablet.

How to add Skype primary email address?

Follow this procedure to change the primary email address associated with your Skype account.

Sign in to Skype and select your profile picture in the upper left corner of the app. Scroll down to Settings and, in the right pane, select Your profile.

You will be automatically redirected to Skype’s web interface. Change or add your email address in Contact Details and click Save.

To help your friends and colleagues find you, you can add multiple email addresses to your Skype account. If you do this, you can link your account to a single primary email address. To apply changes, don’t forget to click Save before leaving the page.

How to sign in automatically?

Depending on your platform, you can configure automatic sign-in in Skype.

Skype launches automatically by default when you boot up your computer on Windows and Linux. If not, you can do so. Go to Menu > Startup and Close and check the box that says “Automatically start Skype.”

On a Mac, go to Settings > General and check the box next to the tab. Keep Skype running on close to keep the app running even if you close the Skype window. Next, go to the Skype icon > Options > Open at login to have your account automatically logged in.

On Android, launch the app, navigate to Settings > General, and select Sign-in Automatically.

There is no such thing as automatic sign-in on the iPhone or iPad because once you log in, you stay signed in. To end the session and sign out, launch the Skype app, tap on your profile picture, and then select Sign Out in the top-right corner.

How to add a second Skype account?

You can have two Skype accounts, for example, one for personal use and one for business meetings. To do so, sign out of your account and create a new one using the steps outlined above. If you use the same email or phone number, the system will notify you that this user is already registered.

Although you cannot use two accounts on the same device at the same time, you can sign in to one from your computer and the other from a mobile phone or tablet.

Another option is to log in to Skype for web while also using your desktop or mobile application.

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