how to clear facebook notification

How to delete Facebook notifications that you don’t want in your Notifications tab, on desktop or mobile

Many individuals use Facebook as a stage to celebrate life achievements. A new position, another child, another house whatever the occasion, it’s frequently the go-to place to tell your loved ones happening in your life.

Sadly, the individuals who remark on your posts are marking themselves awake for long stretches of warnings, as everybody you know remarks also. It’s to a greater extent a disincentive to remark rather than anything more.

However, there are ways of remarking without capitulating to the invasion of notices. You could, for instance, go into the warnings tab in your record’s settings and lay out rules for when you need to get alarms and when you don’t.

However, you can likewise erase individual warnings that you never again need to see heaped onto your Notifications tab. This is the way to do as such on your Facebook account, either on work area or by means of your cell phone:

Except for automated notifications such as new login alerts, almost all notifications can be deleted. Here’s how to do it for the rest of them:

1. Log in to your Facebook profile.

2. Click the notifications icon in the upper right corner (the bell).

3. Locate the notification you want to delete and tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

4. Click the “Remove this notification” button.

Depending on the type of notification, you may see additional options. For example, in public groups, you may be able to receive notifications only from friends.

The procedure is similar to that of the desktop version, with a few minor differences:

1. Launch the Facebook app.

2. Navigate to your notifications, which are located on the right side of the top toolbar (it looks like a bell).

3. Tap the three dots next to the notification you want to delete.

4. Select “Delete this notification.”

Notifications aren’t always bad; they can keep us informed of important updates from people we care about and make us feel more connected. However, Facebook has yet to master the delicate balance of showing us the important things while also knowing when to stop. Until they do, you can avoid notification overload by deleting your notifications.

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