How to Change Facebook Login Password

How To Change Facebook Login Password & Email Address or Phone Number

Many of our devoted users once asked us how to change their Facebook passwords and email names, which is very similar to asking how to change your Facebook login password, email address, or phone number. Your solution won’t be an issue in the meantime because I’ll be teaching you exactly how it’s done.

It is quite possible to change your Facebook login password, and Facebook CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” even stresses the need of doing so frequently. But after studying how to change FB Login Password Free here today, you will fully understand how to change Facebook Login Email Address or Phone Number.

One thing I want you to know from this post is that changing your mobile phone number or Facebook login password is actually not a problem. You know, below is something that you might perhaps view as an issue. Change Facebook Login Password related searches

So, rather than changing their Facebook passwords for easier login, individuals believe that this is the major issue at hand. So without wasting much time, read on to find out how to change your Facebook password for free.

How To Change Facebook Login Password & Email Address or Phone Number

You must be aware that before you can accomplish anything, you must log into your Facebook profile using your prior Facebook Login ID. So once that’s finished, follow the steps below to change your Facebook password.

  • In order to bypass it, go to after logging into your Facebook account and click the small triangle if you’re using a computer or the Menu bar if you’re also using a mobile device.
  • Click “Security and Login” under General once you have reached the Facebook General Account Settings page. After that, scroll down and click Change Password.
  • Select Edit, then type your current password followed by New. Re-enter a new password in the space as needed, then click “Save change.”

Remember to use a strong password that you don’t use anywhere else.

These are the only three easy steps to changing your Facebook login password. While the email and phone numbers you use to access your Facebook account and receive messages can be added or removed.

To Add or Remove An Email

  • In doing that proceed to >>> General Account Setting
  • Click Contact in the General tab.
  • Click Add another email or mobile number to add a new email to your account. Click Remove to delete an email from your account instead.
  • Click Add or Save Changes.

NOTE: Before a new email is added to your account, you must re-enter your Facebook password and click Submit. Additionally, when you add a new email to your account, Facebook will send you a confirmation email. To confirm that you want to add this email to your Facebook account, click the link in that email.

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