How to Build a Mad Libs Game Using Python

How to Build a Mad Libs Game Using Python

Remember when you used to play Tic-Tac-Toe or Sudoku with your buddies instead of playing online games? The Mad Libs books are one of these well-liked party games. Everyone likes and enjoys Mad Libs because to well-known references in TV shows like Friends and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

How do you play Mad Libs, though?

What Is Mad Libs?

Leonard Stern and Roger Price are the minds behind the game “Mad Libs.” One person serves as the reader in this often played template word game. They ask the other players, who are not familiar with the story, to choose adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc. to fill in the spaces. The end product is a humorous, idiotic narrative that the players enjoy reading and finding funny.

There are more than 180 different short story-themed Mad Libs accessible worldwide. A lot of cartoons and series also use Mad Libs as the basis for their plots. These include Angry Birds, Toy Story, The Office, The Powerpuff Girls, The Big Bang Theory, and The Incredibles.

There is a mobile app and card game version of Mad Libs as well. Mad Libs – The World’s Greatest Word Game sells Mad Libs books. You will use the Printables portion of the website to play around with and create a Python application. Any search engine can be used to look for other templates.

Making text-based Python games is simple and enjoyable. In addition to Mad Libs, you may play an adventure game and an interactive quiz game to hone your Python skills.

How to Build Vacation Fun Mad Libs Game in Python

Follow these steps to build the Vacation Fun Mad Libs game:

  1. Use the Vacation Fun Mad Libs Game Template as a guide, and then declare a variable that represents the text you must enter to complete the blanks. You can declare the nouns and adjectives in ascending order using noun1, noun 2, noun 3, etc. You can take humorous commands from you by using the input() function.
  2. Each blank space should be filled with the proper variable, which you should create and call narrative. Two strings are joined by the (+) concatenation operator. To spread the story across multiple lines, use parentheses.
  3. Display the story.

Enhance the Mad Libs Game

Python is a straightforward but effective language. To improve your Mad Libs game, there are a ton of incredible libraries available. Tkinter, for example, can be used to create a GUI. Python’s pyttsx3 library can also be used to convert text to speech. Your story will come to life as a result. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can select from a variety of voices and modify the speaking speed.

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