How to Add Friends Using Snapcodes

Adding Using a Snapcode

Instead of painfully searching for new friends’ usernames, you may swiftly and conveniently add new friends with Snapchat Snapcodes. We’ll go through how to add friends by scanning their Snapcodes in this video.

How to Use Snapcodes to Add Friends

There are numerous ways to add friends using Snapcodes:

  • Scan the Snapcode in the Snapchat app to add the associated friend.
  • Take a snap of your friend’s Snapcode as it’s displayed on their device.
  • Take a snap of your friend’s Snapcode in a message or email they sent you that contains it.

A little tab at the top of the page notifies you when your friend has been added after it has been successful.

On an iPhone, simultaneously press the volume up and down buttons, or the power and home buttons (Android). Your smartphone may make a shutter sound and the screen may flash once a screenshot has been successfully captured. Whether it is your camera roll, the screenshot folder, or another location, it is immediately saved to the default photo folder you have.

How to Share Your Snapcode With a Friend

Your friends can add you to their Snapchat accounts similarly by using your Snapcode. Read on to learn how to share your code.

  1. Tap your profile icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. You should see your Snapcode here along with other profile information. Select it to open it up and make it larger.

  3. Your friend can then take a snap of your code to add you to their Snapchat friend list.

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