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The top free online dating sites include www.Hitwe.com, which shouldn’t be disregarded. The fastest-growing social networking platform is named Hitwe.

Millions of people from all around the world are already utilizing the Hitwe dating service to connect with one another and grow their relationships, according to a recent rating. since conversing with friends and finding dates are both free. You are not required to use a credit card to make this purchase.

Before you can start using the great features of the Hitwe.com Dating Site, you must first register for a Hitwe account on www.hitwe.com and then follow the registration steps to create a new account.

How to Sign Up for Hitwe Dating Account 

  1. To create a new Hitwe account you logon to hitwe.com
  2. The form for Hitwe registration for a new account is already placed on the page as you enter the site
  3. Fill in all that was asked of you – to enable you to have an identity with Hitwe.com
  4. Submit the form and then go to your email to verify your online registration with HitWe.com
  5. Now you can log in.

HitWe Account Deactivation

Before starting your online registration, you must carefully read the terms and conditions since any infractions will result in the cancellation of your account. But, you must register a new account if your old one has already been deleted, which is allowed (create a new account with a different mail).

New HitWe.com Features

  • you can easily find people from your city and country!
  • you are able to receive the moderation status of your photo!
  • you can block users or delete a conversation by long-pressing on a message!
  • your profile picture is displayed in the chat section to messages you’ve sent!
  • people nearby search is now fixed for default configuration!

How to Delete HitWe Account

You may want to delete your dating account since you are getting too many messages from them, but there is still a better method to handle this than that. To reset the email alert, all you have to do is go into your HitWe profile account, or click “Delete Account” near the bottom.

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