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FzTVSeries is a website that provides free TV show and series downloads in a variety of formats, including HD and MP4. The website has been up and running for some time.

It was renamed mobiletvshows.com at first, then it was renamed FzTVSeries.mobi after a while. Since then, the website has been redesigned to become one of the best places to download online series and shows.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this download service, its features, how to download from it, and links to some of the most recent 2019 FzMovies series to download.

FzTVSeries – Best Quality Series Download Site

FzTVSeries is a website to keep in mind if you’re seeking for a place to get free movie series online.

FzMovies has a sister site here. The site is run by the same individuals who run FzMovies. While FzMovies caters to movie buffs, FzTVSeries caters to fans of television shows and series.

The website’s database contains a large number of movie series.

On the website’s homepage, you’ll notice important sessions such as the most recent changes, the most recent 5 series, and files converted in the last two days but not yet added.

Let’s look at some of the features this website offers before we get into some of the top 2019 FzMovies series to download and the like.

FzTVSeries Features

Although the FzTVSeries website is clearly a platform for downloading movie series and shows, below are some of the features it displays.

  • Select file options from A-Z. On the website, you can narrow your search using the alphabetic order as seen on website like tvshow4mobile.
  • Search option. With the search option on the website, users can easily search and download the latest episodes of their favorite series and download.
  • Shoutbox. With the shoutbox feature on the FzTVSeries website, users can give shout-outs to whoever they deem fit. They can also request for episodes of their favorite shows via this shoutbox.
  • Episodes are updated timely. The website claims to upload episodes within approximately 1 hour or their release.
  • Different servers. Users can download from different servers on the website. That way, if one server isn’t working or slow, you can choose to download from another server
  • Compressed Videos. The series on FzTVseries are compressed just as they are on FzMovies. This means that you are better off watching them on your phone or tablet than on big screens like TVs.
  • The interface is easy to navigate to the point of that a newbie can find his/her away the website.

FzTVSeries File Formats

You can download movie series on the website in any of the following formats

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • WEBM

The videos are frequently compressed, regardless of the extension format. As a result, the download size is drastically reduced, allowing you to download smaller files rather than large ones.

This, of course, comes at a cost. Except for mobile phones and tablets, these videos are not suggested for large-screen screens.

Contents Available for Download On FzTVSeries Website

  • Series
  • Cartoon/anime
  • Documentaries
  • Indian TV shows
  • Videos for PC.


The original focus of the FzTVSeries website was television series downloads. Other downloads are available on the website, but this is the platform’s main focus.

You can get the most recent episodes of your favorite shows and series right here. Downloading is simple and quick. The webpage is also regularly updated. Within an hour of the episode airing on television.


Aside from series and movie shows, the FzTVSeries website also provides free cartoon and anime downloads. As a result, if you enjoy cartoons and the like, this is a website that you should bookmark.

The platform’s database has a large collection of anime and cartoons. The site features American Dad, Vampirina, Radiant, Star Wars Resistance, and many other shows.

These files are further divided into seasons and episodes, and are available in AVI, High MP4, and WEBM formats for download.

Best FzMovies Series To Download On FzTVSeries

Below are direct links to some of the best 2019 FzMovies series to download on fztvseries.

  • The 100
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Russian Doll
  • Empire
  • Stranger Things

Please note that these are current series, and the list will be updated frequently. As a result, bookmark this website and return to it periodically for fresh updates.

Is FzTVSeries Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe for you based on my experience with the website. However, be aware of being presented with the incorrect file type at any time.

Please pay attention to the APK formats that are offered, even if they are uncommon. If a download offer appears, please decline. This is neither an app or game store, but rather a video download portal. As a result, files like APK downloaded from this site may be harmful to your phone.

Also, the website distributes copyrighted content, which is unlawful in most jurisdictions. Copyright infringement occurs when you use a website and agree to the use of copyright content. If something is illegal in your jurisdiction, you should avoid it or use a VPN to hide your footprints.

That’s it. That’s everything you need to know about FzTVSeries, including the top 2019 FzMovies series to download and how to get them from the website.

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