Download the Google Doodle game

Google Doodle Game Download

Google has been adding fun doodle games to its main search engine updates throughout the years. These quick games are ideal for unwinding in between work hours or delaying schoolwork.

On the website, we can play a number of fun games that Google has created. Since they are web-based, no additional software or add-ons are required to play these games.
We’ve compiled a list of the top five Google Doodle games for your convenience.

1. Pac-Man

2010 saw the debut of Pac-Man. The game is a precise recreation of the original Pac-Man.
In this game, you have to eat every dot without getting caught. You can only beat other players by eating bigger dots. The game may be played using just the arrow keys.


In this Pictionary-like game, you have 20 seconds to draw any object, such as a watch, calendar, socket, or piece of fruit. If Google AI correctly guesses what you drew, you win. If not, Google AI tries to guess what you drew.


In order to defeat the hot peppers, you must use ice cream in the game. You must throw ice cream scoops at the various chilies that the game’s character will try to freeze in order to save your character.
The game’s simple controls and captivating background music make it fun to play.


You must create numerous baskets within a predetermined period of time in the Doodle game that debuted in 2012. The only need to play this game is to repeatedly hit the spacebar to see how many shots you can make in a set length of time.


The cutting-edge AI techniques used by Google to run this Doodle game. Play as many shots as you can in a game of cricket without over your allotted time.

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