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Badoo is a free cross-platform app that aims to help individuals meet friends and hook up online in what is essentially a 21st-century dating site.

Why the hype about Badoo?

From Snapchat to Twitter, there are a plethora of social and communication apps available, but Badoo has established a considerable foothold in the struggle for user attention. This is due to the fact that the social networking site has over a third of a billion subscribers. This characteristic alone makes the app appealing to anyone looking to meet new people. If you’re seeking for that special someone, you’ll have a better chance using a service with a large number of users than one with only a few thousand. The difference between this app and a traditional dating service – which might match you with other individuals in your neighborhood who share your interests – is that it works in a way that social media users are more accustomed with. You use it in the same way that you would a Facebook account, for example. You are, however, creating ‘friends’ with strangers using this software. You may then utilize the chat and instant messaging facilities, just like on Facebook or Bebo, to get to know folks and see if there is any actual attraction there. As a result, the premise is rather straightforward, and it is because of this straightforward functionality that it has become so popular.

The app’s key features

Badoo’s developers make money by selling advertising on the site, using the so-called freemium model, similar to what Facebook does. This is the polar opposite of traditional dating sites, which either charge subscriptions or restrict non-paying users in some way. It works equally well on Windows, Android, and iOS, allowing you to flirt with almost anyone online. The social and communication aspects are also spatially modelled, so if you start speaking with someone and want to meet up later, they are likely to be nearby. Swiping left and right, as with Tinder, is used to find matches between users.

Matches are referred to as ‘encounters’ on Badoo. According to the designers, more than half of users who start communicating with each other after a successful encounter will meet in person at some point in the future. Because your avatar will be moderated, it must be authentic and non-offensive. Because the site supports a large variety of languages, its chat and instant messaging services work effectively when communicating with people from other countries. Although the app’s creators claim that just a small percentage of its users use it to find dates, the reality is that it is largely a tool for adults to connect and flirt online.

Create a profile?

It’s simple to create an account with this site, and you can even connect it to your Facebook account if you like. The software is great for singles seeking for dates, but it has limited utility as a simple social media experience. Take your personal security carefully, as you should with any dating app.

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