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How to white list in PenTeleData Webmail (updated for 2022)

Email is a vital communication tool, and nearly everyone has at least one (or three) email address. However, because of its widespread use, it is a favorite target for unwanted marketing messages, often known as spam. To tackle this, email companies employ complex filters that seek to distinguish real (ham) emails from spam (spam).

Spam filtering is a great tool that email providers may employ to assist manage the never-ending stream of unwanted email messages that arrive every day. This procedure often goes unnoticed behind the scenes, but it can become obvious when you don’t receive a message you require. Even with the best spam filters, mistakes can happen.

PenTeleData employs spam filtering from SpamAssasin, a third-party drop-in solution, to keep your inbox free of unwanted emails and to help safeguard you against harmful messages. You can flag messages as not trash and manually add the sender’s email address to your white list when messages get to the spam/junk folder, or when you want to make sure future messages don’t go to rubbish (or list of allowed senders). Below, we’ll go through each of these points in further depth.

Mark a message as not junk

Messages that appear to be spam are sorted into your rubbish folder. If a message you expect to receive doesn’t arrive in your inbox after a few minutes, check your garbage folder first. You should check your junk mail folder on a regular basis to see whether any legitimate mail has ended up there by accident. If you locate a message that shouldn’t be in your junk mail folder, mark it as not trash to move it to your inbox and train the filter to allow communications from that sender in the future.

  1. Login to PenTeleData Webmail from a computer
  2. Go to your Junk folder
  3. Find and select the desired message
  4. Select the Not Junk button at the top

The message will be moved to your Inbox, and you will not receive any further messages from that sender in the future.

Note: If you accidentally pick Not Rubbish on the wrong message, just select Junk on that message to send it back to junk and ban messages from that sender.

Add an email address to the allowed list

You can add an email address to your “allowed” list if you’re expecting an essential communication from a specific sender or otherwise want to ensure that messages from that sender don’t end up in the garbage bin.

  1. Login to PenTeleData Webmail from a computer
  2. Select Preferences from the top navigation menu
  3. Select Mail from the left navigation menu
  4. Scroll down to the Spam Mail Options section
  5. Under Allow messages from enter the sender’s email address or domain and select the Add button
  6. Select the Save button

Messages from that one sender or entire domain will now be delivered to your inbox rather than the garbage folder.

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