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How to Create Meetme Account Online

Do you want a social networking software that connects you to more people than Facebook? Try Meetme App if that’s the case.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how simple it is to register for a Meetme account online.

MeetMe is a social network app that, like other social media platforms, enables you to meet potential soul mates, grow your professional network, and share hobbies.

People from various nations, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, levels of education, etc. are connected through this platform. You may chat, flirt, and make new friends using this app.

With MeetMe, you may quickly connect with new people and make new friends. MeetMe makes it easy to locate new neighbors who are eager to chat and share your interests.

It’s enjoyable, amiable, and free!

Trust me when I say that MeetMe might be the ideal match for you if you are sick of the typical online dating experience and looking for something that ups the entertainment level.

The app is the most popular social app in the US for meeting new people, with over 100 million users conversing and creating new friends every day.

Positives/Negatives of MeetMe

  • Free to join
  • iOS, Android, and Windows apps available in addition to the website
  • Chat messages can be sent to and received from all members, regardless of their subscription status
  • Can view live many different video streams and start your own one-on-one or one-to-many video stream
  • The mobile app and website contain many ads unless you upgrade your membership
  • Profile information is relatively basic and doesn’t offer the opportunity to get to know people on a deeper level
  • Search options are also somewhat limited because the profile does not contain very detailed information.

How to Join/Chat on Meetme

You won’t need to worry because I’ll show you how to download the Meetme Mobile App for Android and iPhone, register for an account there, or even better, sign up using Facebook. Keep your composure and read through.

Even a day-old baby can complete the Meetme Registration or Meetme sign-up process because it is so simple.

As I mentioned earlier, creating a Meetme account will undoubtedly help you find new people in your area who share your interests and are looking to chat right away. It’s enjoyable, amiable, and free!

Check out the steps for setting up a new Meetme account below:

How to Create a New Meetme Account

  • Go to Meetmee Registration Page at
  • At the bottom right corner, click the “Sign up Free” button in green colour.
  • Enter your name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Select your Location
  • Select your Gender and Date of Birth
  • Finally, Click on “Make friends” on Green Button… And you are done!

Alternatively, Sign up for Meetme with your Facebook Account

You can choose to register for Meetme with your Facebook account if you lack the patience to go through the above process.

For new subscribers, this is the Meetme registration process that is the simplest. No email address or password are necessary. Your Facebook login information is used for your login.

Follow these instructions to link MeetMe to Facebook:

  • Go to Meetme Registration Page at
  • At the top of the form, click on “Sign up with Facebook.”
  • Accept Meetme to log in with your Facebook
  • Done!

How to Login to Meetme Account

You will automatically log in after creating your Meetme account, but for your convenience, I’m going to share with you how to do so at any time you’d like.

It is a quick and easy process that uses a small amount of the data you gave us earlier during the Meetme Registration process. Here it is:

  • Go to Meetme Login Page
  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Click the “Login” button below.


The MeetMe mobile application envisions a restaurant or café where everyone is welcome. MeetMe wants to satiate everyone’s desire for connectivity wherever they are. MeetMe has led to a great deal of interactions, exchanges, friendships, dates, romantic relationships, and even weddings since it was founded in 2005. The most well-liked app in the US for meeting new people is called MeetMe, and people between the ages of 18 and 34 find it very appealing. With the help of well-liked features like Chat, Meet, and Live Video, MeetMe produces awesomeness. The widely used MeetMe Android and iPhone apps are available in more than a dozen different languages.

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