How To Cancel Your Live Me Account

How to Deactivate Your LiveMe Account

We have provided you with a detailed tutorial on how to cancel your LiveMe account, so I can promise you that you have finally found what you were looking for.

Liveme is one of the greatest broadcasting applications since it allows users to engage with celebrities, achieve popularity, meet new people, go on dates, play games, and offer virtual presents to broadcasters. This application’s primary objective is to stand out. Discover your actual self and demonstrate your talents, the app’s description invites users.

You may still wish to terminate your LiveMe account for security, fraud, the existence of fake profiles, the lack of actual and active users, cyberbullying, and other reasons despite all of these amazing and mind-blowing capabilities.

Moreover, the modern populace engages in illicit conduct to benefit from the apps. There are several con artists, gold diggers, and murderers hunting for victims online. Some of them may also mock your look, personality, profession, and/or race. The bulk of them will share your images without authorization on social media and other places.

Before we move on to the instruction on how to delete an account, we’d like to remind you that when you delete an account, you lose any associated matches, messages, and information, as well as the mind-blowing features.

How to Deactivate Liveme

1. Start by accessing your website-registered email account.

2. Now draft an email and include the [email protected] email address

3. Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the Subject field.

4. Compose an email regarding the deletion of your account, using the template provided, and state your sincere reason for deleting your account. In the interim, after submitting the email to the support team, wait at least 48 hours for a response.

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