Full details of Akon’s marriage

Who is Akon?

Singer, songwriter, record producer, and businessman Akon is a Senegalese-American. His iconic tracks “Locked Up” (2004) and “Lonely” are what made him famous (2005).

It is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam who goes by Akon. He was born to a Muslim household on April 16, 1973, in Senegal’s St. Louis, Missouri. His mother, Kine Gueye Thiam, is a dancer, and his father, Mor Thiam, is a percussionist. As of April 2022, Akon is 49 years old.

Younger sibling named Abou Thiam who resembles Akon exists.

Akon’s marriage and wedding

Akon is legally wed to Tomeka Thiam, a hairdresser and salon owner, according to information acquired by DNB Stories Africa, but there are rumors that the musician is a polygamist and he is married to between three and four women with a number of other concubines, sometimes known as side chicks.

Akon once admitted that he is a polygamist and that he can afford to have as many wives as he wants on Angie Martinez’s radio show in 2006. The artist contends that since men naturally procreate, America’s domestic violence rate would decline if we adopted the polygamy lifestyle.

According to reports from 2017, Akon admitted to having 6 kids from 3 separate women to Blender Magazine. Since then, the musician has limited his public disclosures of sensitive family material.

About Akon’s wives

At the time this news was published, it was unknown how many spouses Akon had. According to rumors, the musician is a polygamist who has wed at least four spouses.

Akon’s most well-known wife is Tomeka Thiam.

List of Akon’s wives

  1. Tomeka Thiam
  2. Tricia Ana
  3. Rachel Ritfield
  4. Rozina Negusei,
  5. and another unidentified lady.

As much as the singer attempts to keep them out of the spotlight, nothing is known about Akon’s actual relationships with each of these ladies. Given that he has been secretive about the nature of his relationships with each of these women, it is unclear whether he is actually legally married to any of them.

Akon’s marriage with Tomeka Thiam

Tomeka Thiam, to whom Akon is officially wed, is his most well-known wife as of the time this item was published. DNB Stories Africa has learned that Akon and Tomeka Thiam have been dating for several years before getting hitched. They have known each other for over twenty years.

Despite his relationships with other women, Akon is not known to have caused any significant scandal in his marriage to Tomeka. The singer is complimentary of Tomeka, who seemed unconcerned by his polygamous lifestyle.

According to some sources, they have four children, although it is believed that they have two children (a boy and a girl) (2 boys and 2 girls). African hairstylist and outspoken beauty salon owner Tomeka Thiam is rumored to exist.

Akon’s children

According to sources, Akon is the proud father of at least six children, who he said were born by three different women.

For Akon, Tomeka Thiam is said to have given birth to two children (a boy and a girl) with the names Alioune Thiam and Alianna Thiam. According to other reports, the hairstylist also gave birth to two additional children (a boy and a girl) with the names Jhavor Thiam and Journey, bringing the total number of children to four.

Rozina Negusei, Akon’s second wife, is said to be the mother of two sons for him. At this point, it is unknown what Akon’s other children’s names, moms, and other personal details are. According to rumors, Akon’s daughter Alianna Thiam was born in May 2007; as of April 2022, she will be 14 years old and a recent primary school graduate.

List of Akon’s children

  • Alioune Thiam
  • Alianna Thiam
  • Jhavor Thiam
  • Journey Thiam and two others

Akon and Rachel Ritfield relationship

According to rumours, Rachel Ritfield was rumored to be one of Akon’s wives, however their relationship ended in 2007. According to reports, Rachel Ritfield is a model and the spokesperson for the streetwear brand “Akademiks.”

She reportedly made the decision to end her relationship with Akon after the singer had a child with one of his wives, the artist’s fifth child. She claims that she first supported his other relationships before realizing that she would always have to compete for the singer’s attention because she would never be the only woman in his life.

Even though Akon was open about having numerous wives and they didn’t argue about it, Rachel Ritfield made it clear that she preferred him to remain monogamous. It is unknown, though, whether their alleged union or relationship produced any kids.

Akon and Tricia Ana relationship

Akon and Tricia Ana co-starred in a recent season of the television show “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” which led to rumors that they were married.

According to rumors, Tricia Ana and Akon’s romance ended after it was revealed that she had been dating another person while the show was being produced. There were rumors that Tricia’s expressionless face made her appear unpolished to some of Akon’s friends and supporters.

Former urban model Tricia Ana works as an A&R representative for Akon’s record company, Konvict Muzik.

Akon’s speculated fifth wife

After being repeatedly photographed in public with an unnamed woman who was wearing a wedding ring, it is assumed that Akon has added another woman to the list of his spouses.

Even at the Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport in France, Akon was spotted carrying a cart as the unnamed woman followed him wearing a wedding band on her finger.

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